Principal Investigator


Jean-Ju Chung, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dept. of C&M Physiology, Yale School of Medicine

Research Interests: Fertility; Ion Channels; Reproduction; Sperm Capacitation; Sperm Motility; Signal Transduction; Membrane Microdomains

email: jean-ju.chung (at)

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Jean-Ju L. Chung received her bachelors and masters degree from Seoul National University, Korea and her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 2007. She was a postdoctoral fellow with David E. Clapham in the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School. She joined Yale's Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology as a faculty member in 2015.

Her research is devoted to investigating cellular signaling via the membrane receptors and ion channels, with a current emphasis on mature spermatozoan motility and fertilization capacity. She has focused her efforts on the primary calcium channel of spermatozoa, CatSper, and has defined its subunits, its distribution in spermatozoa, its function in capacitation, and its effects on fertility. The Chung laboratory applies novel technologies to sperm biology and reproductive research including super-resolution imaging methods, and is continuing to study physiologically relevant molecular changes during mammalian fertilization.


Current Members


Jae Yeon Hwang

Postdoc fellow

Dept. of C&M Physiology, Yale School of Medicine

email: jaeyeon.hwang (at)

PhD, Seoul National University, 2015

MCI postdoc fellowship awardee 2019-2021


Huafeng Wang

Postdoc fellow

Dept. of C&M Physiology, Yale School of Medicine

email: (at)

PhD, Nanchang University, 2017


Luke McGoldrick

Postdoc fellow

Dept. of C&M Physiology, Yale School of Medicine

email: luke.mcgoldrick (at)

PhD, Columbia University, 2019


Xiaofang Huang

Postdoc fellow

Dept. of C&M Physiology, Yale School of Medicine

email: xiaofang.huang (at)

PhD, Nankai University, 2018


Cynthia Frimmet

Volunteering undergraduate researcher

Sophomore, Yale College

email: cynthia.frimmet (at)


Lab Alumni

Huanan Shi (Frederick) (visiting student in research, 2015.09-2016.06)

   - currently graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine

Lukas Ded (postdoc fellow, 2016.05-2017.03)

Min Cheol Lee (visiting student in research, 2016.07-2017.06)

Seema Patel (visiting minor-in-lab, 2017.02-2017.08)

- currently undergraduate student at U Conn

Jong-Nam Oh (visiting PhD student on SNU study abroad program, 2018.05-2018.10)

- currently PhD student in Seoul National University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Shoaib Nawaz (visiting PhD student on HEC of Pakistan sponsored IRSIP Fellowship, 2018.07-2019.01)

- currently PhD student in Qauid-i-Azam University

James Nicholas (Yale senior thesis student, 2018.09-2019.05)

Julia Tobin (Yale senior thesis student, 2018.09-2019.05)

Case Porter (Yale First Year Summer Research Fellow, 2019.05-2019-07)