We have new fellows to join us! (8/27/2019)

With new academic year, we are excited to announce that Luke McGoldgrick and Xiaofang Huang will join us with fresh ideas and new expertise to the lab. Welcome aboard!

Chung lab goes to GRC Fertilization and Activation of Development (7/28/2019)

The whole Chung lab made a road trip to Holderness, NH. Jean-Ju was an invited speaker once again and Huafeng made his debut nicely in GRC.

A day visit to Troy, NY! (6/13/2019)

The lab had a day visit to Bystroff lab at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to have a biannual meeting for our collaborative project. The discussion was heated and the dinner was fun! Thank Huafeng for driving all the way to Troy!


Welcome, Case! (05/13/2019)

Case Porter joins the lab for the summer under Yale First Year Summer Research Fellowship. Welcome, Case!