Chung-Bae lab meeting (10/20/2017)

Jae will present his recent progress in research. We'll have Lily Cheng (1st year MCGD student) to join our lab meeting. Welcome, Lily! 

Chung-Bae Joint Lab meeting (9/13/2017)

This is the last week for Buse in doing her summer research in Bae lab. Buse will give a short talk summarizing her research experience. 

Jean-Ju gave a talk at BoS meeting (9/5/2017)

Biology of Spermatozoa meeting initiated by Dr. Tim Birkhead. Derbyshire, UK, has a beautiful and peaceful fauna and flora. Interesting meeting focused on evolutionary and behavioral reproduction from plug formation to sperm competition. 

Chung-Bae Joint Lab Meeting (8/23/2017)

Seema has worked very hard during the summer and it's her debut for a short talk in the lab meeting!

We'll also have Delfina, fresh G1 student who will rotate in the lab, to visit the lab and attend the meeting. Welcome to Yale and Chung lab, Delfina!

Fred had a surprise visit to us from Baylor! (7/27/2017)

The official first member of Chung lab, Fred - who was a brave senior undergraduate back then - just finished his first year at Baylor and had a surprise visit to the lab today! He was in the middle of trip to east coast with his parents from China! Not prepared at all and forgot to take a picture together but it was great to see him thrive at Baylor.